I’m currently a Lead Software Engineer at Reward Gateway in London, UK. We are developing giving page platform using Docker, Slim Framework and microservices architecture. Really exciting stuff.

I’m on Twitter as @ayanozturk. I usually share and retweet PHP and programming related topics, new releases, interesting articles etc.

I’m on GitHub. Of course. The main source of open source libraries and many great projects. Also hosting our teams’ 50+ repositories. My profile won’t show them though. Most of them are still private. We are looking for to make them public in the future.

I’m on LinkedIn. But I don’t really share much there. I only have this account because I wanted to know how LinkedIn worked. And sometimes recruiters send messages for new positions I might be interested in.

I’m on Instagram. I sometimes share the photos I took while travelling. Hoping to share more often when I get a phone with a better camera.

Like (almost) everybody else I am on Facebook. I use it as a tool to communicate with friends and family, and also to manage some Facebook apps and check out developer tools and documentation.