Bukchon Village and my camera

​I’m thinking to change my phone, get a higher end device with better camera and eventually give up on my DSLR camera and switch to using phone camera only. It is a big decision for me because I really like to shoot photos, stay at the same spot for long time to get all settings right. And sometimes stay in front of my computer to fine tune colours and maybe combine photos to make HDR images. It is really fun, but time consuming hobby.

Pros of DSLR way:

  • Satisfaction when I finish editing and have a great looking photo in front of me.
  • Process of taking the photos is like meditation. Helping to clear my mind, not to think daily problems for a while.


  • Takes a lot of time to take photos.
  • Camera is heavy
  • Requires additional equipment (lenses, cleaning stuff, tripod…), which is also heavy.
  • Can’t carry everything everywhere all the time.
  • Takes time to process raw images.

Mobile phone camera:

  • Point and shoot
  • High quality photos with little effort
  • With me all the time and ready to shoot immediately
  • Doesn’t need additional equipment
  • Powerful post processing with apps
  • No extra time required to process and organise photos.

Mobile camera cons:

  • Lower quality images in low light conditions and in general compared to DSLR

We visited Bukchon Village today. Took some photos to test my camera again. Before I decide to sell it or not.


When I copied photos to my laptop from SD card, I found that they don’t look good at all. Like none of them. I thought that there must be something about screen colour settings. Uploaded all images to Google Photos and applied auto fix to all of them one by one. Google Photos doesn’t allow batch effect processing yet. And they still far from what I expected. I was quite disappointed until I saw the photos on my phone. On the phone screen (Galaxy S5) they look much better. It must be the screen..

I am going to post some more photos to compare after I got my new phone.

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